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As always the results are faithful to original files and once again very good service .

posted on 15/11/2016

Very pleased with the quality of the prints l order and the fast delivery service

posted on 15/11/2016

Excellent service in every way. Easy to order website and a fast delivery on my orders. The canvas prints are really impressive and do justice to my efforts with the camera.

posted on 15/11/2016

I've been using Snapmad for many years (when they were known as DLab7) and that must say something about customer satisfaction. Five canvas prints ordered in the past month alone were expertly produced and the end product reflects well on the production team in Guernsey who can be proud of their work. I happily recommend Snapmad to others and have no desire to take my business elsewhere.

posted on 15/11/2016

Excellent service every time.

posted on 15/11/2016

A flawless service from SnapMad once again.
Superb! I'll be back again very soon.
Thanks as always,

posted on 15/11/2016

Great quality product. Very impressed with the product, especially as the photo was taken on a mobile device. Took advantage of some optional extras as Snapmad were running their 40% off offer.

Would use again!

posted on 14/10/2016

Just had 562 prints returned really pleased with speed, quality and help from staff. Superb service.

posted on 13/10/2016

I took advantage of the current promotion to try out a metre wide (46") panoramic poster print taken with a very average camera and the end result was much better than I had expected.
In addition, the turnaround on my order was super quick - ordered Thursday night and ready for collection the next day.
Thumbs up.

posted on 11/09/2016

Quality is great. Definitely will order more. Delivery was fast as well. Very good job. I'm happy that I found this page

posted on 10/09/2016

The new site works fine. No complaints. Quality of the inks, no complaints, paper quality, speed of delivery, no complaints.
I just have to remember not to try to order on a Friday as it won't be sent until Monday so that could mean a 6 day turnaround before I get the prints.

Like a lot of people, I've been using SnapMad for over 5 years and I've made hundreds of orders.

The change in ethos ... What I loved about the old snapmad was that the price quoted was the price you paid - One of the three things that kept me coming back was the free delivery on smaller batches of prints if you spent over £2.99.

I get that it isn't economical to offer free postage on smaller orders, so raise the threshold - With postage added to the advertised price, now a few enlargements can double the previous price on the payment page.

Gimmicks and promo codes - I don't know how much a canvas is until I get to the payment page.
I don't want to have to choose between using loyalty points or using a promo code to get a final price, only to have the postage added negating the discount.
For example: a £10 canvas with 30% off is a £10 canvas with free postage just as it used to be, yet the price of the old £10 canvas now costs £13 if you don't have a promotion running.

Maybe none of this matters if you can absorb the increases, but I find it irksome that everything seems to be more expensive than it used to be, yet everything appears to be cheaper and discounted more!

posted on 08/09/2016

Very pleased with the quality of the prints and the fast delivery.

posted on 07/09/2016

Great quality for the price. One bugbear: the jpg filename printed on the reverse of the prints bears no relationship to my assigned and submitted filename. This is irritating for someone who creates filenames that mean something (eg, date, place etc) like myself. If this was remedied this would be an unbeatable service.
[admin reply] We print your filename on all prints up to A4 in size. The larger prints are produced on a machine which only has one line of backprint, and as such we need to print your order reference. Therefore, if you had a load of 6x4's for example, then you could reference them by filename. This is a system limitation.

posted on 07/09/2016

Great quality canvas and the website app is very good. Price was good when promotion applied. Thanks!

posted on 07/09/2016

Very very pleased with collage canvas and my sister was delighted too.

posted on 07/09/2016

We took a great picture of a Fiord in Norway , Snap Mad did a great job on a canvas and now it sits proudly in our bathroom.
great seevice.

posted on 07/09/2016

As always rendition of original files true to form. Very happy with service. I will keep coming back..

posted on 07/09/2016

Beautiful vibrant prints, great speedy service.

posted on 06/09/2016

Very pleased again with the quality of my A4 prints. I had been using another well known company and had credit for 50 prints from them, but after comparing your quality with theirs I can't be bother to redeem them! A loyal customer, keep up the good work

posted on 25/08/2016

Excellent service as always. Have been using Snapmad for years, the new website is a big improvement. Keep it up guys!

posted on 25/08/2016

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